Smart Guide and on How to Cheat and on Your Homework Safely

Cheating isn’t an advisable method to take in completing your homework for many reasons. Firstly, they can get you in trouble, and secondly, they don’t help you prepare for exams.

However, cheating on homework can be beneficial when you need hacks and shortcuts for faster delivery – especially with tight deadlines. You can cheat safely and figure your way around challenging assignments that might have given you trouble.

This article gives you a brilliant guide on how to cheat on your homework safely and gives you some apps that can help.

How to cheat on homework at home

Many students cheat in high school because they are lazy but still want to get good grades. Others mainly do it because of anxiety and stress. Whatever your reasons, it isn’t a great option unless you have to do it and can do it right.

The internet is the ideal resource for many students when doing homework. Luckily, using the internet to do homework is completely fine. The internet is an accepted resource, with many information sources like papers, academic journals, and eBooks.

You can use homework cheat websites among the many resources to complete your homework. These sites can help students do their homework and also offer tips on how to cheat on homework. In addition, they usually write some of the most outstanding research papers and essays – so they mostly have all you need.

Furthermore, these websites to cheat on homework have professionals that provide some of the best homework services. You can be sure you won’t get caught because experts from prestigious institutions will write your homework.

Best apps to cheat on homework

Homework cheating apps on android and iPhone devices have made the process of cheating among students quite convenient and straightforward. However, fake homework apps and websites can scam innocent students with wrong answers. Therefore, finding a credible application is vital, and here are some of them.

  1. Photo Math
  2. iHomework
  3. Socratic App
  4. Quizlet App
  5. Homework Helper
  6. Wolfram Alpha
  7. Slader, and many more.

Tips on how to cheat on homework

If you can’t use apps or find a good homework website, here are some homework cheating tips you can use.

  • Copy from friends

This is one of the simplest ways to cheat on your homework. First, you need to find a brilliant classmate you can rely on in certain subjects. If you already have such friends, then you are lucky. You have to copy their assignments before the deadline.

No matter how complex your homework is, you will get the answers correct if they do.

  • Partake in group assignments

Working together with your friends on assignments is another way to cheat. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one; hence, working with other students will help you arrive at answers faster than working alone.

When faced with a difficult assignment, plan to meet your friends in a neutral location and work together to solve the problems.

Remember to make your answer slightly different from your friends’ to avoid sharing the same work.

  • Always change your wording

When you do any group assignment or copy directly from a friend, learn to change your wording. For example, if it’s math or physics homework, you can change how you arrived at your answer to present a unique work.

For text-related assignments, learn to use different word patterns and add new words to the original copied sentence. Presenting answers with similar wording presents suspicions, leaving you with a good chance of getting caught.

  • Get some answers wrong

In a situation where your teacher understands that you are not very brilliant, learn to get some answers wrong. This will somewhat mimic your actual academic capacity and erase any cheating suspicions.


Cheating is never a decent practice. The right way to complete your homework is by doing it yourself. When you get confused with your homework, visit the internet for some help and avoid copying if you can.

Before you cheat on homework, always make an effort to understand it first.

Proven Tips to Tackle Chemistry Homework with No Trouble

Chemistry is a pillar of science that is a handful to study. Most students either dread or love chemistry homework and its classes. Although the subject is an elective in several high schools, it is compulsory to pursue careers like medicine, microbiology, pharmacy, etc.

Chemistry is a challenging subject for many students, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Unfortunately, several students struggle with the subject because they don’t approach it correctly.

This article will explore proven tips that will help you study and do chemistry assignments without trouble.

How to study chemistry successfully

It is normal to be stressed out anytime you are tasked with a chemistry assignment – especially if you don’t know how to study chemistry.

Generally, chemistry concepts are quite complicated, with solutions to intricately produced problems. There are two major aspects of chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. They are very different applications of chemistry and several approaches to learning them.

However, this shouldn’t scare you; you can learn them by keeping up with classes and taking your assignments seriously.

It also helps to have a natural or nurtured passion for chemistry while studying it. This makes problems appear more interesting and makes your solution searching process more enjoyable. But since not everyone can have that passion for chemistry, others will have to figure out other methods to study and get assignments done.

Below, we provide tips that can help you arrive at chemistry homework answers and study better.

How to write chemistry assignments and study chemistry

Here are a few tips and hacks to help you study chemistry and do your homework without trouble.

  • Pay attention in class

Typically, assignments are based on what has already been taught during classes. If you pay enough attention in class and refer back to your notes, you’ll understand what to study and how.

When tackling chemistry homework, always look through your class notes and textbooks to find examples that can help you out. The same rules apply when you’re studying because, most times, you have to follow the same pattern you used in class.

Remember to ask questions whenever you get confused in class. Understanding is the only way to study and do your assignments at home better.

  • Read assignment questions carefully

Don’t rush into doing your homework without studying the details carefully. If you do, you run the risk of providing wrong answers.

Organic chemistry is quite complex, and going through the coursework quickly may not be as easy as you think. To avoid errors that will have you redoing your chemistry assignment, always approach the questions with caution.

  • Learn to study in groups

Group studies can be a significant way to hone your chemistry skills – this will serve you well during personal study. Therefore, creating a group study is needed, especially if you struggle to study independently.

It will also help with assignments by having friends put you through when you get confused.

However, ensure your study group is a productive one, or you’ll slack off. If you meet a group of like-minded study friends, this strategy will be a success.

  • Get a private tutor

If you still struggle with your chemistry homework after attending classes and studying, getting a chemistry tutor is the next best option.

Tutors can help you tackle assignments and clear your doubts by answering all your questions, especially those you didn’t get answers to in chemistry class.

Where to get chemistry homework help

If you’ve ever asked yourself who could do my chemistry homework? Then you’re not alone. You can get homework help in chemistry by searching online for credible assignment platforms. However, make sure you refer only to official and popular websites that are tested and trusted.

You can also get chemistry homework help from friends, private tutors, study groups, and even your teacher.


Alone, chemistry homework can feel quite complex and challenging. However, with a little help from your friends, teachers, or tutors, you can study and do your chemistry homework without trouble.